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February 20

LIVE MUSIC - 6-9pm Kerry McCool/p>

February 27

LIVE MUSIC 6-9pm - Andrew O'Day

March 6

LIVE MUSIC 6-9pm - Jamie boy & James Britton

March 7

Reston Limo - Corcoran Trio Trip

11:30am - 4:45pm

The Corcoran Trio Trip to Corcoran Vineyards, Hard Cider and Brewery

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About our Beer

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Berlin Turnpike

Lager German Pilsner 5% ABV, 33 IBU, 3.2 SRM Probably the most basic, yet complex, beer we brew. A single malt (German pilsner malt) and German Hallertauer Hersbrucker hops create this light gold, crisp lager.

Catoctin Ale

English Pale Ale 5.5% ABV, 38 IBU, 14 SRM More amber and less “hoppy” than its American counterpart, plenty of crystal malts create a well balanced finish for our variation on this English style. Hops: Northern Brewer, Northdown, East Kent Goldings.


Kölsch-style Ale 5.4% ABV, 22 IBU, 3.9 SRM A very light golden ale originating from Cologne, Germany. Very light hop flavor, considered the “lager of ales” because it is aged at cold temperatures much like a lager. Hops: Hallertauer, Saaz.


Oktoberfest / Märzen 5.5% ABV, 24 IBU, 7 SRM Traditional fall German fest beer with a deep malt character and a dry finish. Hops:Hallertauer

Corky’s Irish Red

Irish Red Ale 5.5% ABV, 20 IBU, 14 SRM - A sweeter, malty ale brewed with generous amounts of crystal malts and a hint of roasted barley. Imported U.K. Northdown hops give this ale a bit of the old country.

Dutchman’s Creek

German Wheat / Hefeweizen 4.5% ABV,12 IBU, 3 SRM A traditional German Hefeweizen, light in color, made from a 50/50 split of wheat and pilsner, with a yeast strain that gives a mild flavor of banana and clove. Hops:Hallertauer


(“Beer is with us”) Christmas Spiced Ale 7.1% ABV,32 IBU, 26 SRM Freshly roasted malt to remind you of a warm fire, seasonal spices just like grandma baked cookies with, and a hint of spruce for a bit of that Christmas Tree aroma. Availability: December. Hops: Northern Brewer, Fuggles, Cascade Spices: Ginger, Allspice, Cinnamon, Coriander seed, Orange peel, Spruce

Hops the Bunny (RIP)

India Pale Ale 6.0% ABV, 67 IBU , 13 SRM “Hops” was our mascot here at Corcoran Brewing. Hops was a little bunny that set up home under a neighbor’s shed, and in various spots outside the brewery. We named our American IPA in honor of Hops. This brew uses a new proprietary hop blend which give a nice citrus flavor to this hoppy ale. Hops: Columbus, Cascade, Zythos

IPL - India Pale Lager

4.7% ABV, 68 IBU, 6 SRM - Similar to an India Pale Ale, but brewed at colder temperatures and aged as a lager. Has a strong citrus hop flavor. Hops: Galena, Hallertauer, Falconer’s Flight

Jeb Stuart Stout

Imperial Stout 9% ABV, 57 IBU, 35 SRM A nice strong heavy stout. History lesson: Jeb Stuart was a General in the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia. While very successful in many local battles, he is also partly blamed for the loss at Gettysburg. Hops: Target, Nugget, East Kent Golding.


American Style India Pale Ale 7.2% ABV, 68 IBU, 6 SRM - West coast style IPA, medium bodied with lots of America hop flavor. Hops: Summit, Warrior, Cascade, Centennial, Zythos, Falconer’s Flight

Mosby’s Raider

IPA Imperial India Pale Ale (aka, Double IPA) 9.2% ABV,91 IBU, 11.2 SRM Named after John Mosby, the “Gray Ghost”, whose raiders eluded the Union Army in this area. Plenty of malt sweetness cutting through along with lots of hop flavor. Hops: Columbus, Cascade, Centennial, Zythos

Newtown Alt

Düsseldorf Altbier (5.5% ABV, 36 IBU, 13 SRM) A clean, crisp brown ale with just a hint of chocolate flavor. Alt is German for “old” and we named the beer “Newtown” after the old name for nearby Lovettsville, aka “The German Settlement.” Hops: Hallertauer


Oatmeal Ginger Stout (6% ABV, 33.6 IBU, 39 SRM) A stout with more body from the flaked oatmeal, and the added flavor of fresh ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Hops: Target, East Kent Golding


Black India Pale Ale (8% ABV, 61 IBU, 37 SRM) A much darker ale (aka “Cascadian Ale,” or “American Style Black Ale”). Don’t let the 61 IBU rating fool you, there is 1 oz of hops per gallon in this beer, and most of it is on the flavor and aroma end. The hop flavor really cuts through the sweetness of the dark roasted malts. Hops: Cascade, Centennial, Northern Brewer, Fuggles, East Kent Golding

Padawan Pumpkin

Seasonal Spiced Ale 6% ABV, 15.3 IBU, 14.2 SRM - In the Jedi religion, a “Padawan” is a pupil who is being trained by a Jedi Knight. Our brewer’s padawan, aka his then five year old son, helped him grow the first pumpkins and crush the grain for the first version of this recipe. We use copious amounts of long neck pumpkins from Great Country Farms (Bluemont, VA), honey from Hamilton, and pumpkin pie spices to create this seasonal favorite. Amber to brown in color, it has all of the flavors of fall. Availability: Fall. Hops: Northern Brewer, Hallertauer

Paeonian Porter

Vanilla-Chocolate Porter 6.6% ABV,31 IBU, 40.8 SRM - Compared to a stout, the porter has less roasted notes due to a lack of roasted barley. This porter is full of complex flavors from chocolate and black malts, and completed with cocoa and fresh vanilla beans. Hops: Northern Brewer, Fuggles


Pale American Pale Ale 5.4% ABV, 37 IBU, 5 SRM Golden ale moderately hopped with a blend of American and UK hop varieties. Hops: Chinook, Cascade

Round Hill Root Ale

Ale spiced with natural roots (8% ABV, 7 IBU, 11 SRM This is no soft drink for children! Ale brewed with malt, honey from Hamilton, cane sugar, very lightly hopped, and spiced with roots, wintergreen leaves, vanilla beans. Hops: Nugget, Liberty Roots: Sarsaparilla, licorice, yucca, ginger

Slainte Stout

(“Slawn-cha” – Gaelic for “cheers”) 4.5% ABV, 34 IBU, 33 SRM Less heavy than your typical stout, with a smooth chocolate finish. Non stout drinkers will be pleasantly surprised with this ale. Hops: Target, East Kent Goldings

Virginia Harvest Ale

American Pale Ale 5.5% ABV - Ale brewed with 100% Virginia grown and malted barley from Copper Fox Distillery in Sperryville, VA, and hops from our own hop farm. Hops: Nugget, Cascade, Galena, Columbus, Centennial Availability: Limited release in the fall

Waterford Wit

Belgian Wit / White 5.5% ABV, 12 IBU, 3.6 SRM - Another refreshing summer beer. Cloudy beer brewed with wheat, with a herbal flavors of coriander (from our herb garden) and orange peel. Hops: Hallertauer


American Hefeweizen ("hay-fuh-veyt-sssenn") 5.25% ABV, 18 IBU, 4.5 SRM Very light bodied, straw colored ale made with equal parts 2-row pale and wheat malts, with a little munich and light crystal malt. A very low hop profile makes this a great drink on a hot day. Hops: Nugget, Liberty

ABV – Alcohol by Volume

SRM – Standard Reference Method – an indication of the color of the beer. The higher the number, the darker the beer.

IBU – International Bittering Units – a measurement of how much hops are utilized in a recipe. Although it can be a rough indication of how “hoppy” a beer is, a beer with a low IBU may have more hop flavor than one with a higher number.


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